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In space and beyond

Olivia Csiky Trnka follows in the footsteps of the first Russian woman in space. Before embarking on an evocation of emigration and a Martian dramaturgical mission.

Mars Theater Space
Martian theatrical exploration between "Alien" and "The Blair Witch Project"

The preparation of a stand-up space journey

Protocol V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.A. makes its honey from a craft theatre. It combines plastic installation, autofiction and training protocol with a Martian mission and ethical questions. All this is driven by a soft poetic and metaphysical irony.

The decoration is considered as an ecosystem-laboratory in which the performer is immersed. The performer is at the same time a lecturer, a space playwright, a dancer reproducing the launch of the Arianne 5 rocket in the form of a geometric and graphic ballet. But also extraterrestrial with blind pupils. Or an artist with the childish destiny of an astronaut thwarted by eye problems, detailing his relationship to the cosmos and the inscription of his being at the heart of the universe. She summons, as if she were a witch or an alien, her past as an immigrant and the stigmatization that accompanied her.

Alien-human fusion

MARS ATTENDING fiction a solitary Martian ballad of the young woman on a background of volcanic palpitation. The chosen shape? A video installation celebrating the enrichment between "species" and the tireless quest for a common future. The mother of the performer, with an aged face, portrays a spacewoman at the end of herlife. The look showered by so many dramatic and fertile experiences, it evokes the fusion that occurred on Mars between an alien symbiote and a human camped as a new Eve of synthesis emerging from a Martian lake. If the video sequence is overwhelmed by film references (The Blair Witch Project, Interstellar...), it nevertheless manages to instill an infinite dimension of expectation for an imaginary astronaut oscillating between the sleeper and the lying down.

Bertrand Tappolet


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