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Mars on Earth

Dernière mise à jour : 27 déc. 2018

Passionate about SF and the conquest of space, the young Bostonian Cassandra Klos follows scientists who spend from a few weeks to a year working in a volcanic biotope in Hawaii.

A Martian atmosphere in the middle of the desert

Towards gender parity among astronauts

For Mars on Earth, the eye discovers that using prototype space suits and diets composed only of freeze-dried foods, some people spend weeks or months of their lives simulating the Martian environment to prepare for the day they will have to leave Earth.

The site is supposed to be closer to the Martian ecosystem. Fully aware that the obstacles to a journey to the Red Planet and the installation of a colony on Mars are now logistically, financially and humanely almost insurmountable, Cassandra Klos calls in a camera and tripod for her shots. She evokes the passion for discovery that she has shared during several immersions in situations with those she considers equal to the pioneers of Antarctica.

Returning to the future

Confronted with new representations linked to spatial nostalgia and glorious landscapes, it is inspired by the questioning of reality developed by the Catalan photographer Joan Foncuberta with a sometimes surrealist humour. It clearly reveals the fictitious nature of the spacesuits that make the photo report look like a Westworld-style theme park trailer, a cult dystopic tv series.

The photographer never conceals the isolation resulting from these simulated stays. They are conducted with freeze-dried food and complete self-sufficiency, communication via social networks being prohibited.

Bertrand Tappolet


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