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Curiosity  Listening  Versatility

About Me

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JPR journalist, I have recognized experience
in the realization of articles and interviews documented around multiple artistic expressions.

I also write on other subjects: Environment, Health, Society and Human Rights.

With me, are approached in depth and in an accessible way, photography, cinema, performing arts, plastic arts and literature.

I excel at crossing and putting into critical perspective
the views expressed on a show.
Or an environmental theme, for example


Long duration

Critical passer, my wish is to enter into
dynamic dialogue with artistic activity.
Transmitting the taste, the stakes, the ability
questions related to cultural achievements.

Why not suggest ideas, routes,
arouse images and thoughts, and promote an imaginary
as well as a reflection on certain realities?

On the strength of a long experience, I continue
with enthusiasm, curiosity and dynamic listening
this journalistic activity.

So for Le Temps,,
Gauchebdo), Scènes Magazine, Le Courrier

My career is rich in some 6000 published articles and interviews.

Content creation

I have been covering for 35 years the news of many artistic expressions - visual art, cinema, photography, music, dance, theater, literature - for several media.

Interviews, portraits, critical articles and surveys are no longer a mystery to me.

I also write about social issues: Gender equality, AI, melting glaciers...

My versatility allows me a wide range of

of media collaborations.

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