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My Story

Public Relations

Relevance  Benevolence  Responsiveness


  • Design communication campaigns while respecting budgets.

  • Initiate campaigns according to the different targets, partnerships and stakeholders concerned by a show or event.

  • Represent the cultural institution by giving interviews to different media.

  • Issue various press releases to inform the press.

  • Manage specialized communication teams.

  • Organize events (communication, grants, sponsorship).

  • Design/validate communication materials.

  • Report on the return on investment of communication budgets.

  • Welcoming, informing and developing audience loyalty (program or informative leaflet with exclusive texts and interviews).

  • Set up, organize and animate artist-audience meetings and thematic conferences.


For more than twenty years, I have been developing an informed and warm welcome for the public.

My work in public mediation includes the organization and follow-up of partnerships targeting institutions, cultural venues and communities concerned by a cultural season, a show or an exhibition, for example.

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